Dover Soccer Assoc.

 The Dover Soccer Association will be following the Ohio Department of Health.


The Ohio Department of Health has issued several guidelines for skills practices, interclub scrimmaging and leagues/games outside a club.   These rules are a bit of a moving target and tend to update each month. 

Here is the Skills Training guidance that you should follow when you are not conducting competitive games/scrimmages within your team.  Below is a summary of what you should be doing to stay in compliance:

  1. Players and coaches must do a symptom check before practice, and sanitize their ball and shoes.  Not at practice, just before.  

  2. Coaches should set up cones for players to leave their bags and water  when they start practice and where they can take their water breaks.  

  3. Avoid grouping of players in huddles.  

  4. No pinnies - kids bring a red and gray shirt to swap out when needed.

  5. No sharing of goalie gloves or goalie shirts

  6. No hand touching, high fives, etc… 

  7. When drills are set up it is recommended to include cones for players waiting in line.  Without the cones the kids tend to naturally congregate.  

  8. Coaches are not required to wear a mask but must bring a face covering in case they need to get closer than 6 feet to demonstrate a skill or tend to an injured player.  

  9. Parents need to keep social distance while at the soccer fields.  

  10. Coaches and players must social distance at all times.  

  11. Players should not be touching equipment in this portion of practice, throw ins or goalies. You will see the above link talks about sanitizing equipment before each use.  This is not practical which is why we have to avoid kids touching the equipment in this portion of practice. 

Here is the Contact Sports/Intraclub scrimmaging guidelines that you should follow when you engage in scrimmaging/games.  

The same rules as above apply, except that you can conduct scrimmages within your own team and conduct games with contact involved within your own team.  So basically follow a-k above, except that during a game/scrimmage j and k above do not apply while on the field of play.  

Please note: If the season is cancelled due to Covid-19, the Dover Soccer Association will refund registration fee minus $3 processing fee that Demoshere charges the Dover Soccer Association.